Access your MS Sql or MySql with Heidi SQL

  1. Open Heidi SQL.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name the connection. Hit the enter key.
  4. Enter your connection settings. The settings should be like the following.

    Network type: MySQL (TCP/IP). [for MS Sql use MS SQL (TCP/IP)]
    Hostname / IP: You use your domain name or your server IP address.
    User: Your cPanel username or the database user you created.
    Password: Your cPanel password or the password for the database user.
    Port: 3306.  [1433 for MS SQL]    NOTE: These are default ports they can be different
    Databases: Leave as Separated by Semicolon.
    Startup Script: Leave it blank.

  5. Click Open.

    Now you will see the databases and tables on your server.

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