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Billing Account (Client Area) Password

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In many ways this is the most important system. If you can access your billing account, you can usually retrieve or reset passwords for other services associated with that particular account.

Also if you have a cPanel hosting account you can log in to cPanel via the "My Services" page without having to provide the password.

The URL for the billing system/client area is different depending on if you are a UKHost4u, AUHost4u or former North Hosts customer.

We have recently migrated UKHost4u customers to a new billing system which forced account holders to reset their billing account password in order to gain access. Previous billing account passwords would not work. If you haven't already done that or if you don't know the current password you can click on "Lost Password" to initiate the process of resetting it.

This process is automated and involves entering your email address and clicking a link sent in an email to that address in order to prove you have access to the mailbox.

Once approved, the system will then send you a new password which you can change to something of your choosing once logged in.

What if I don't know the email address on file or I don't have access to that mailbox any more?

Please make every effort to get access to the mailbox associated with the billing account. But if that's simply not possible, please raise a support ticket and state clearly that you require a password reset for the billing account because you do not know the email address on file or no longer have access to it.

We will go through additional security checks and if cleared, we will update the email address on file to one of your choosing.


Please note, once you do gain access to the billing account, you can add multiple contacts that are also authorised on the account. This can allow for a "fallback" contact address just in case you lose access to your primary address.

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