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Configuring A Desktop Telephone – 3CX

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A 3CX Supported IP Phones

  • Fanvil
  • Grandstream
  • Htek
  • Snom
  • Yealink

See the full list of supported IP phones and firmwares informations at

IP Phone Provisioning

Is the process of setting up a predefined configuration to an IP phone. This removes human error from manually doing a configuration and speeds up the deployment.

PnP Provisioning (User Extensions)

  • Boot Up to the Desktop Phone
  • From the Management Console, go to Phones Node
  • Select the “Bold” entry then Add New Extension or Add to an existing extension
  • You can use more than one phone by SIP forking
  • Validating Settings
    • Optional – Configure preferences
      • Timezone / Time Settings
      • Language
      • Network Settings
      • Phone Behaviour Settings
      • BLF Behaviour – Blind or Attended Transfer
    • Hit OK to save settings
  • The IP Phone will configure itself

Firmware Management

  • It ensures compatibility with 3CX system
  • It is tested by 3CX
  • Firmware Versions definition
    • Supported Firmware version
    • Always up-to-date on Management Console
    • Will ensure features and functionalities are covered
    • Multiple firmware versions can be available for some vendors
  • Latest firmware is downloaded automatically and IP phone must be provisioned
  • From the Management Console, go to Phones Node and find the marked “RED” entry then click +Firmware. Click OK to proceed and upgrade the firmware with the latest version.

Using 3CX Web Client (Remote Controller)

  • You can control the IP phone features with a mouse click from your PC or Mac
    • Dial
    • Pickup
    • Transfer
    • Conferencing
    • Recording (Start/Stop)
  • Easy dialing (using Click2Call Extension for Chrome or Firefox)
      • Web Pages
      • Email
      • CRM Systems
  • Full phonebook access and easy search function

Remote Control (uaCSTA)

Requirements for Remote Control:

  • Web Browser (Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Edge)
  • Provisioned device
    • Supported IP phone with the latest firmware
    • Latest 3CX Client on Desktop and Mobile devices

Remote Control Dialing

  • Open 3CX Web Client with the same extension number
  • Select SIP device (this is optional)
  • Enter or dial the number
  • Manage call

Remote Control Answering

  • Answer, Divert or End call
  • Manage Call

Using Click2Call browser extensions:

  • Google Chrome
    • Install Chrome extension
    • Open WebClient
    • Click on User icon from the top right and click “Install 3CX ClickToCall”
    • Configuring Chrome extension
      • Close Chrome after installation
      • Log in to the 3CX WebClient and the settings will automatically retrieved
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Open WebClient and log in
    • Open Firefox Add-on Manager from a new tab
    • Find and install the 3CX Click to Call add-on
    • After the installation, the settings will be automatically retrieved
    • Configuring Firefox extension
      • Open Firefox Add-On Manager
      • Press “Options” and then adjust the 3CX WebClient FQDN

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