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Forgotten/Lost Passwords

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The most common type of support request we receive is with regards to forgotten passwords. This knowledge base article explains what type of passwords you might have with UKHost4u/AUHost4u and provides links to further articles with instructions that explain what to do if you have lost them.

  • Billing Account (Client Area) Password - In many ways this is the most important password. If you can access your billing account, you can usually retrieve or reset passwords for other services associated with that particular account. See here for instructions on gaining access.
  • Hosting Account Password - If you have a standard, web builder, reseller or enterprise hosting account you may find that the username/password for the account is stored with the client area. If not, you can certainly reset it via the client area so follow the guide to gaining access to that first and then take a look at how to reset the hosting account password.
  • Support Ticket System - Anyone can submit a support ticket without logging in. Furthermore anyone can create a support account and it is completely independant from all other systems. To gain access to an existing account simply enter you email address in to the lost password form and follow the instructions.
  • VPS/Dedicated Servers - At present there is no system for automatically resetting VPS or dedicated server passwords. In many cases, it simply wouldn't be possible. However, you may be able to retrieve passwords that we have set for the service by checking the client area and/or past support tickets. If you need a password reset, please raise a support ticket with your server information and we will do our best to assist.

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