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How To Repair MySQL Databases And Tables Using phpMyAdmin – CPanel

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Sometimes, you may encounter issues on your MySQL databases. When it shows error messages regarding your database or tables, you can try to check and repair these problems using the phpMyAdmin tool.

First, you need to Login to your cPanel account.

Locate and click phpMyAdmin under the Databases section.



You will be redirected to the phpMyAdmin main screen that will show all your databases on the list.
To check or repair a database, select the database you wish to check on the list. The tables will then show up on the center part of the screen.



You can tick a checkbox for specific table you wish to check or you can tick the checkbox for Check all to select all.



Once you have selected the table/s, you may click on the drop down menu to select which action you wanted to perform.



After the action is completed, the system will show the report for the tables you have checked and may continue to repair table using the same step for you to repair the table.

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