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How To Set Up Your Email Client – Android

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First, get the Mail Client Configuration from your cPanel / Plesk email account.

Login to your cPanel / Plesk account.

Within the cPanel Main Screen, go to Email Accounts then click on “Set Up Mail Client”.

This will show you the configurations for you to set up your mail client from your Android device.

For Plesk, click on the Mail button on the left pane of the screen, choose which email address you wanted to see the configurations and click on the “i” icon. It will show you the configurations for the mail client, just copy the informations required by the email client.

On your Android device, locate and tap the Email Client Application.

Once the application is opened, tap the “Others” option then continue with the configuration.

Enter your email address and password then tap on next. You can also choose to show password to verify if the password you are typing in is correct.

On the next screen, tap the IMAP button then proceed on entering the configurations required.

You will be asked to  enter the Mail Server and Port Number. For the Security Type, choose the SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates) and then Next.

This screen will be for SMTP server, type in the SMTP mail server and then the port. Choose SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates) again and make sure the Username and Password is correct then Next.

You can change how frequent will the system check and download emails for you. See list below. Also, the options if you wanted the account to be the default account to send emails, notification when an email is received and if you wanted to automatically download attachments when you are connected to a wireless connection. After you are done with this, just tap Next.

Almost done! There will be an option to change the name for this email account and the name you wanted to be displayed on outgoing messages. Tap on Next if you are done.


Email client will continue to synchronize with the mail server once you are done with the configurations. After it loads up, you will see the emails coming in. You can start sending emails when it is completed.


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