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How To Set Up Your Email Client – IOS

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First, get the Mail Client Configuration from your cPanel / Plesk email account.

Login to your cPanel / Plesk account.

Within the cPanel Main Screen, go to Email Accounts then click on “Set Up Mail Client”.

This will show you the configurations for you to set up your mail client from your Android device.

For Plesk, click on the Mail button on the left pane of the screen, choose which email address you wanted to see the configurations and click on the “i” icon. It will show you the configurations for the mail client, just copy the informations required by the email client.

On your iOS device, locate and tap on the Mail Client application.

Once the application is opened, it will show you the different mail server platforms, just tap on “Other”.

New Account screen will show up. Enter the informations required and tap on Next on the upper right corner.

Next, choose the IMAP option and make sure the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server are correct.

Tap Next again to continue with the set up.

Once you have confirmed the informations, Mail Client will connect to the mail server and verify the credentials you have entered.

After the verification has been completed, you will be asked which applications would you like to synchronized with the server. When done, tap on Save button.

The screen will now go to the Mailbox main screen and download the emails that are currently stored on the mail server under your account.

To remove the email account that you have set up on your iOS device, go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords then choose the email account. Tap the account and just tap on the “Delete Account” on the bottom part of the screen.

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