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Network Uptime Guarantee

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The uptime of your site is a critical measurement that needs to be monitored. This is usually given as a percentage of the time your website is available to users. When your site isn’t accessible, it isn’t doing you much good. What’s more, a site that’s often unreachable discourages users and costs you money in possible sales or advertising.


You need a hosting company with advanced technology and support. Quality hosting services will provide you a very reliable infrastructure to ensure a higher uptime rate. This ensures you are maximizing both your revenue and your brand exposure. UKHost4u is a premier UK web hosting company because we are committed to providing a great hosting experience.

Main Features

Customer Confidence

UKHost4u is one of the most trusted hosts in the UK. We’ve been a growing company for 15 years and have earned a Trustpilot score of 7.7 and rising!

Affordable Prices

We’ve created many different hosting packages starting at just £3.99 monthly. Many of our options involve discounts as low as £1 per month.

UK Hosting

All of our servers are located just outside London and utilize the latest technology to provide fast page loads and reliable connections with average uptimes of 99.97% for all our UK hosts.

Transparent Pricing

All of our packages are backed by dependable pricing policies with no hidden fees or charges. We provide our customers a 14-day money back guarantee.


Our customers can expect high levels of security such as 24/7 malware detection and spam filtering.

Customer Support

Our experienced and friendly UK support team is available via phone, a trouble ticket system, or live chat.

Rich Features

We also provide domain registration and Website Builder packages. You can select either cPanel or Plesk management interfaces as well as receive full support for platforms like WordPress, Magento, or Drupal.

About Service

The Importance of Network Uptime

The uptime for internet systems has become crucial. E-commerce is now a major part of global business. It’s a highly competitive environment where downtime can’t be tolerated. Business partners, employees, and customers expect to be able to access the information and web apps they need. If a site isn’t available, business comes to a stop and prospects look elsewhere. Ensuring optimal uptime is now a priority for the success of any website. Terrific web designs and features mean nothing if your audience can’t reach them.

There are a number of reasons downtime can occur. It can be circumstances like bad weather or power outages in the local grid. It could also be network issues such as over-heated or failed servers, corrupt system files, or simple human mistakes. You must have a host network with modern hardware, proactive server management policies, and experienced response teams.

Being accessible is essential to the customer experience, but many organizations have trouble translating this into monetary values. Regardless of the exact time and numbers, every minute of downtime is a risk that revenue will be lost.

Impact on the Customers and Business

Even for a small business, excessive and recurring downtime can mean a loss of thousands of pounds in profit. For every minute of downtime, sales are lost, employees are frustrated and idle, and customers are being discouraged from any further interaction. They will start to associate your domain name and company with a lack of service and automatically pass over your links or search engine listings. You may even experience attrition of loyal customers if they can’t reach your services. Repeat customers are essential to sustaining profits, and they are much harder to win back if they abandon your site.

Network downtime is becoming unacceptable to impatient, on-the-go mobile users. The demand for faster and more reliable internet access is constantly rising. Customers who can’t access their accounts or orders may become panicked, angry, and lose confidence. Particularly if your company relies on useful applications or services like same-day shipping, a customer who finds these features unavailable will feel you’ve broken your promise.

Web Host’s Network Uptime Guarantee

Before selecting a hosting provider for your site, it’s important to look for a guarantee of uptime. There should be a service level agreement (SLA) that’s specific about the level of online business continuity you can expect. This may vary with different levels of hosting plans, but in general you’ll want something in excess of a 99.9% network uptime guarantee!
It’s also critical to learn about your host’s backup and recovery policies. Any site can become the target of hacker malware. If your system files are corrupted, your downtime could be prolonged. You need a host that has not only strong security measures but procedures for quickly recovering your critical files.

Top quality equipment, expert maintenance, and experienced staff work together to assure all of our customers can rely on maximum uptime. Our UK infrastructure ensures that any network issues have zero effect on your site’s availability. Contact UKHost4uat any time to discuss how you can benefit from our network uptime guarantee!

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