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SIP Trunking Price

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SIP trunking is a telephony and streaming service that operates over the internet via the Session Initiation Protocol. SIP works within VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to allow branching in your network. SIP trunking is an important step in modifying your company’s telecommunications to modern standards. One of the biggest advantages is significant cost savings over traditional telephone exchanges. The digital nature of SIP services eliminates much of the hardware and redundancy of public phone exchanges, allows you to add lines individually, and interacts with many forms of software. UKHost4u’s VOIP service provides these benefits at a very affordable SIP trunking price!


Main Features

3CX Partnership

3CX is a leading provider of VOIP products. We are a 3CX Certified Partner that can offer a range of options including licensing, upgrades, and integration with your legacy phone system.

Discounts and Prices

UKHost4u offers four different VOIP solutions to suit your needs, starting with the Cloud Lite package including a free license for only £14.99 monthly. Lite discounts include an unbeatable rate of £1 per month for the first three months. Each package also provides you a range of licensing options.

Robust Features

Our 3CX plans allow your growing business use of a virtual receptionist (IVR), up to 16 simultaneous callers, up to 40 GB of storage for call recording, and unlimited extensions.

VOIP Support

Our UK-based teams offer full support of our telephony systems. UKHost4u’s highly qualified engineers hold credentials such as 3CX Certified Engineer and 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer.

Scalable SIP Trunks

We provide competitive national and international calling rates. You aren’t charged for SIP trunking, but can add any additional contacts at £2.50 per month per number.

Easy and Flexible

UKHost4u provides VOIP on a “pay as you go” basis. You can use one of our pre-made plans, or work with us to develop a custom solution for your needs.
About Service

UKHost4u’s 3CX Cloud Telephony System

Many companies have struggled with the challenge of incorporating modern systems into their legacy phone exchanges. UKHoste4u’s ability to deliver 3CX Cloud PBX products gives your company the ability to leverage a cost-effective, more versatile, and more manageable public exchange system via VOIP. We provide all the assistance, support, features, and selections that enable your company to communicate more effectively, yet with lower costs and reliable performance.

SIP Trunk Savings

We won’t charge for using the SIP trunks provided with our VOIP. Whether you’re adding VOIP lines to a business or personal exchange, you’ll receive competitive rates on your local, national, or international calls. You can also add 0800 number free of charge, and communicate over mobile devices at just 4 pence per minute. You receive a UK phone number with your service and add additional numbers at charge of just £2.50 monthly. These numbers will all be answered from the same geographical office.

Our VOIP systems are “pay as you go”, so that you only need to open an account with a £10.00 deposit to get started and add more when necessary. UKHost4u can provide you with internet-capable handsets you can configure to your own URL. We also offer discounted solutions for companies that have a substantial call volume. Full price lists are available on request.

Our 3CX solutions can save you 70 percent or more over BT Retail.

SIP Trunking Options

UKHost4u offers four different 3CX VOIP solutions to meet the particular needs of your company: Lite, Small, Medium, and Large.

Lite includes a free 3CX license. Monthly costs without a license are £19.99 for Small, £49.99 for Medium, and £79.99 for Large. You can purchase you own license or obtain it through us. Regardless of which plan you choose, you can add numbers to your SIP trunk whenever you like for just £2.50 per month each with low per-minute calling rates.

Each of these 3CX plans include a virtual receptionist, unlimited support from our experienced team, and unlimited phone extensions. As your business needs change, you can simply upgrade or downgrade your VOIP service. As part of our services, we can customise our VOIP packages to meet the special requirements of your business.

SIP trunks can be provided in connection with any of these plans. If your business is hosted elsewhere, we can still deploy our VOIP plans and SIP trunks to ensure you get our great SIP trunking price for your company.

Implementing one of our VOIP 3CX solutions into your infrastructure allows you to better manage the scope and expense of your business communications. Using SIP trunks as part of the package allows you to build out your business and customer contacts as you grow. You can take advantage of the latest technology and cut costs at the same time. To learn more about VOIP and SIP trunks, feel free to email us at You can also call 0330 088 5790 or +44.131 541 23 28 to leverage our low SIP trunking price!

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