How to Access a VPS or Dedicated Server
Posted by John Terramoto, Last modified by John Terramoto on 13 May 2016 04:56 PM

Usually a clients creates a ticket with a problem referring to an IP or a hostname.

If the details are not provided or don't work:

  1. First, search for either the client name, email or domain on the Billing System, if you don't happen to find the account ask the client for either the email associated with the account, Package ID or an Invoice number.
  2. After finding the Package, the name should indicate if its a VPS or a Dedicated server.
  3. By clicking on the package you will have access to a reference which usually is either the location of the VPS (for ex.: VPS2, VPS3, VPS4 which in LastPass will point you to or the Rack of the dedicated server.
    1. In case of a VPS, grab the reference and post it on LastPass, it should give you the access details.
      1. If its a Windows Server holding the VPS you can access it through Remote Desktop Protocol and open the hyper-v software
      2. If there's no reference to the VPS server, a traceroute will point you to the master VPS server.
    2. In case of a Dedicated Server, once you have the Rack reference, access the servers list through, there will be a shared sheet list with all the servers organized by racks. You can search with the package number, client name or IP on each tab for the KVM or the Label. Once you have the KVM IP you can access the administration through the browser, the login details are in the LastPass.

If the server KVM is offline:

  1. With the Rack reference and server label, create a support ticket at Pulsant , remember to use cm51 on the first login field with login details provided on LastPass, on the support select the Rack from the list and on the ticket request to power cycle the server, if KVM does not come online ask them to hook the console and see if there's anything wrong with the server.

If the server is a Dell:

  1. Create a support ticket with Pulsant and ask them to hook the KVM to the [label] server on [reference] rack, once they reply back you will need to use windows RDP tool to access (the login details are in lastpass) on the desktop there's a folder called Dell open the software inside and type the Rack reference. Double click the machine and type the login details provided on LastPass (Type "dell kvm") one of the two logins will work for the server you want to access.