What Is Enterprise Hosting?
Posted by Daniel Naval on 06 May 2019 09:49 PM

As Internet use has become universal, an ever growing number of businesses and individual entrepreneurs are building their own websites in order to show their message to their target audience. But not all websites are the same. Some are relatively basic and consist of just a few static pages. Others are full-fledged online applications using dozens of software components working together in the background.

As different customers will have different needs, web hosting providers have responded by developing a wide range of hosting services, including enterprise hosting.

What is Enterprise Hosting?

Many people who hear about enterprise web hosting for the first time may think that it’s a service aimed mainly at large corporations. This isn’t exactly the case. Enterprise hosting is a service that offers more power, flexibility, reliability and robustness compared to standard shared hosting. At the same time, it’s simple and affordable enough to be used by small businesses and individuals working on a startup at home.

With enterprise hosting, your website will be placed on a server that is used by a few other customers of the hosting provider, just like with shared hosting. The difference is that you will get a set amount of server resources, such as CPU cores, storage space and RAM just for your account, similar to what VPS hosting provides. This makes enterprise hosting a service that can be considered “in between” shared hosting and VPS hosting.

Customers on an enterprise plan are put on a web host’s powerful servers. They come with the latest in technology, including top-of-the-line CPUs and SSD hard drives. A team of professional technicians maintains the servers, performing tasks such as monitoring performance, installing security patches and replacing defective hardware components.

Who Needs Enterprise Hosting?

Enterprise hosting is the preferred hosting solution for users whose websites or business projects require a bigger amount of resources than shared hosting, yet at the same time want a hosting service that is simpler to manage compared to a VPS or dedicated server. Examples of enterprise hosting customers include:

E-Commerce Websites

Online shopping websites are powered by database-driven software on the back end, which requires an ample amount of server resources to work properly. Enterprise hosting can deliver this performance, ensuring that your e-commerce site displays pages fast and smoothly, even during periods of peak usage.

Interactive and Social Websites

Websites where users can submit information and communicate it with others, such as discussion forums and online directories are often used by many visitors at the same time. An enterprise hosting solution is well adapted to the needs of websites that frequently retrieve and store information on the server, as it uses servers with high-performance hardware, such as the most powerful CPUs on the market and SSD hard drives.

Growing Businesses

Even if your website only receives a handful of visitors a day at the start, it may grow to become a lot more popular in the future. Enterprise web hosting packages give you ample room to grow your online presence, so you won’t need to switch to a different type of hosting service if your site starts receiving hundreds of visitors on a daily basis.

What Should I Look For in an Enterprise Host?

Here are some features that are commonly offered as part of an enterprise hosting service:

Several Hosting Plans to Choose From

The main difference between the plans will be the amount of resources allocated to each account (CPU cores, RAM, storage space), as well as the number of websites and databases that can be hosted on a plan. Someone who is just getting started out, like an online entrepreneur building their first e-commerce site, can choose a smaller and more affordable plan. On the other hand, an established business like a marketing agency operating several websites might opt for a bigger plan.

24/7 Technical Support and Data Center Monitoring

Any reputable hosting provider will want to ensure that their customers receive the best possible quality of service. This is why enterprise hosts have a team of experienced technicians and engineers who monitor their servers and networking equipment at all times. By doing so, they can quickly address any hardware, network or software problem that occurs, which minimizes the potential for failures resulting in service disruption or downtime.

Enterprise web hosting providers also have a dedicated technical support department that can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can provide quick solutions if you run into a problem with your hosting service and can also help you if you need some clarifications on how a certain feature of their service works.

Simple Website Management With a cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is the most popular hosting control panel software in the world. It provides you with secure web-based access to your hosting account, allowing you to perform administrative tasks such as making changes to your website, managing your email accounts and more.

The control panel is already set up for you when you activate your hosting service. Unlike with most VPS and cloud hosting services, the server’s operating system is configured and manged by the hosting provider. This makes using your service a lot easier, as you don’t need any specific knowledge of how web servers work to set up your website.

SSD Storage Technology

A solid state drive, or SSD, is a type of hard drive using flash memory chips to store data instead of relying on spinning magnetic platters like in traditional hard drives. As SSD-based hard drives have no moving parts, they can retrieve and store data a lot faster compared to traditional drives. This can greatly improve the performance of your website, especially during times when it’s being accessed by a large number of visitors at the same time.

A Secure Hosting Environment

All professional hosting companies use secure data centers to house their servers, combined with deploying various types of IT security hardware and software to protect the data belonging to their customers. You can also expect automatic spam protection for your email accounts and multiple backup solutions that can be used to safeguard your website’s data. Backups can be done either manually or set to occur automatically on a daily basis.

What are The Advantages of Moving to Enterprise Hosting?

The main benefits of enterprise web hosting are:

Improved Reliability and Performance

With enterprise shared hosting, there’s a smaller amount of hosting customers sharing a server, with each having their own allotment of hardware resources. This prevents one website from using up too much resources, causing degraded performance for everyone else on the server.

Simple to Set Up and Manage

Both enterprise and shared hosting services commonly use the cPanel control panel. If you’ve used shared hosting before, there’s a high chance you’re already familiar with cPanel. It provides a simple interface from which you can set up your website, install common online software like WordPress, set up email accounts and more.

There’s a self-help section available right in your hosting account, which provides tutorials, FAQs and instructions. It can help you troubleshoot common problems and explains in detail how every aspect of your hosting service works.

Enterprise Hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Website owners looking for a service that is more powerful than shared hosting have several options to choose from, including enterprise, VPS and dedicated server hosting. Here are some of the main attributes of each hosting service type:

Enterprise Hosting

This hosting solution provides you with the power of having dedicated server resources for your websites in a manner similar to VPS and dedicated hosting, while being more affordable and simpler to manage. It’s a good choice for those who need more than shared hosting, without requiring access to a server’s operating system to install custom software or make advanced configuration changes.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting takes advantage of virtualization technology to split the resources of a physical server into several virtual servers. You’ll get a virtual machine with its own operating system instance (Linux or Windows), together with full administrator privileges. Your virtual server will function as if it was a completely separate physical server, so you can install any compatible software you want or make changes directly to the operating system configuration.

VPS hosting is commonly chosen by those building advanced websites with a more complex system at the back end. Developers of online applications such as virtual phone systems and multiplayer online games use it too, as their projects use software which requires having an independent operating system installation.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With dedicated server hosting, you’ll have a exclusive use of an entire physical server that isn’t shared with any other hosting service customer. You’ll have full administrator access to its operating system, together with the ability to use all of its hardware resources.

Dedicated hosting is mainly used by larger companies whose websites receive a high amount of traffic. Some smaller businesses and individuals use it too, especially if they operate websites that are particularly resource-intensive, such as services allowing users to upload, customize and share multimedia content.

If you need a hosting solution that is highly reliable, flexible and fast, enterprise web hosting is definitely worth considering. It’s simpler to use than a VPS, offers you an ample amount of server resources for your online projects, all while still being affordable enough for smaller businesses. It can meet the needs of a wide range of people and businesses, like online retailers, businesses using their website to attract customers, tech entrepreneurs launching new social websites, artists running several websites showcasing their work and many others.

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