How To Create An Addon Domain In CPanel
Posted by Daniel Naval on 09 May 2019 11:14 PM

First, navigate to the “Addon Domains” section:

To create an addon domain:

  1. Enter the domain for the new addon domain in the New Domain Name field.
    • Note: When you enter the domain name, cPanel automatically populates the Subdomain/FTP Username field. If you are creating multiple addons with similar domain names (differing only in .com, .net, etc.), be sure to manually enter a unique username into the Subdomain/FTP Username field.
  2. Enter the directory that will contain the addon domain’s files in the Document Root field.
  3. Enter the password for the addon domain into the Password field.
    • Make sure you use a secure password.
    • You can have cPanel generate a secure password for you using the Generate Password feature.
  4. Confirm the password in the Password (Again) field.
  5. Click Add Domain
    • Note: When you create an addon domain in the cPanel interface, cPanel automatically creates a subdomain. If you alter or delete the subdomain after it has been created, you may affect or delete the information displayed in the addon domain’s website.
  6. To add files to the addon domain’s home directory, click the File Manager link.
    • Note: To access this addon domain’s home directory in the File Manager, click the link under Document Root.

Note: Web statistics for the addon domain will be found under the subdomain’s URL in the statistics application.