How To Install SSL Certificate In CPanel
Posted by Daniel Naval on 10 May 2019 05:24 AM

Installing SSL Certificate in cPanel

First, you need to Login to your cPanel account. (Don’t know how to login to your cPanel account? Click here)

From your cPanel main screen, locate and click on SSL/TLS under the “Security” category.

From the SSL/TLS screen, click on the “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates”

Locate the category “Upload a New Certificate” and browse the SSL text file that you wish to install then click on “Upload  Certificate”.

Click the “Go Back” button to return to the SSL/TLS Manager.

To setup the domain for SSL installation

From SSL/TLS Manager screen, click on Manage SSL Sites. Once done, you can proceed by clicking on “Browse Certificates” and choose the domain from the Domain drop down menu. After the system attempt to Fetch the SSL certificate and private key, you can go ahead and click on “Install Certificate”.

Note: In most cases, you do not need to supply the CA bundle because the server will fetch it from a public repository during installation.

Verifying the SSL Installation


Verify your SSL certificate by a browser and log on to you website and using the HTTPS protocol. You browser should show a padlock icon which means “Secured” if you have installed and configured the SSL certificate properly.