How To Create An Email Forwarder In CPanel
Posted by Daniel Naval on 10 May 2019 07:42 AM

First, login to your cPanel account.

Locate the category “Emails” from the cPanel Home Screen and click on “Forwarders”.



You will then be redirected to the Forwarders page where you will see the options to create an Email Forwarder and a Domain Forwarder. You will also see the list for the current Email Account Forwarders and Domain Forwarders.



To create an Email Forwarder, click on the Add Forwarder button.



After that, you will then see the Add a New Forwarder page. From there, you will be asked to enter the following informations;

Address to Forward – the existing email account. For example, “test1”.

Domain – the domain for the existing email account that you wanted to forward.

Forward to Email Address – the destination email address where the emails from “” will be forwarded to.

Once you are done entering the required informations, you may go ahead and proceed to click on the Add Forwarder button at the bottom.



A message confirmation that you have created a forwarder will be shown.



Your newly created forwarder will now be added to the list of existing Email Account Forwarders.